AMD Radeon HD 6450 Upgrade

Hello, I am a fairly new PC gamer and am looking to upgrade my graphics card so that my pc will be able to play games like battlefield3/4 and planetside 2. Can anyone recommend a decent graphics card + power supply that will fit in my computer. I will post a link to my specs below:

My budget inc a power supply is upto £350

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  1. You copied the link wrong.
  2. Hello.
    Can you specify your budget?
  3. Like the previous poster said.. Your link is broken. Regardless, your limiting factor is going to be both your budget and power supply on the pre-built HP. I'd suggest finding the specs of your power supply then figure out whats the power envelope you have to work with. Then work backwards from fastest vid card that will work with your PS to your desired price point.

    FYI a 7770 is a nice low power card that will work with a good portion of pre-builts.
  4. Memnarchon said:
    Can you specify your budget?

    It would be around £350 inc power supply
  5. try ati radeon hd 6670 or 6570
  6. A Radeon 7750 can run in that system easily without a power supply upgrade, you may be able to run a 7770 and that will match the CPU pretty well for cheap without a power supply upgrade.

    You need to check your case and make sure the larger cards will fit without issues with the RAM slots or heatsinks or something blocking things. If you have lots or room around the video card slot, you can look at the nVidia 660 or a Radeon 7870 plus a new power supply at the uppder end of your budget.
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