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need a water cooler for fx8350 oced

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July 1, 2013 5:36:51 AM

Ill ordr all my parts for the new pc in max 1 day and i need a water cooler for my cpu
my budget is max 150$ and i dont want h60,70 or 80 because they are doing the same thing as the octurna nh14
a c 88 à CPUs
July 1, 2013 5:43:18 AM

Damn I was going to suggest the H60 2013 edition because it keeps my overclocked CPU very very cool. Have you had a look at the Antec or thermaltake water cooler series? they are supposed to be good.

July 1, 2013 5:47:06 AM

No i have't but i dont think ts gonna help if i take a look at them cuz i don't know prety much aything about watercooling
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a c 88 à CPUs
July 1, 2013 5:53:48 AM

arast said:
No i have't but i dont think ts gonna help if i take a look at them cuz i don't know prety much aything about watercooling

A good water cooler will have a fan which has a high static pressure. Also a water cooler which has thicker (wider) tubing and a wider radiator is always beneficial. This is why I recommend the H60 2013 edition, they have made the tubing thicker to allow for better flow of the liquid and a more cooler material for the faceplate to keep the CPU cool. The fan is also part of the SP series from Corsair which performs excellently at a reasonably low noise level. Obviously adding more fans to the radiator will keep it more cool but that wont really be necessary unless you have a very bad air flow in your case or you are going to do extreme overclocking.

This is what my first rig looked like with the H60 water cooler (2013 edition). I still have it and it keeps my temps under 30 even when playing games which use a lot of CPU power (Turn based strategy games).

a b à CPUs
July 1, 2013 6:08:57 AM

What case do you have?
a b à CPUs
July 1, 2013 7:09:28 AM

CommentariesAnd More said:

This should be the best Custom Loop Water cooling kit for the money , just make sure your PC supports 240mm Radiators. If not , get a closed loop cooler or the Noctua

This right here. Go with a custom water loop
a b à CPUs
July 1, 2013 9:09:39 AM

Look mate , the reason why closed loops can't beat the custom loops in performance is because of the weak and crap pumps , rads and cheap tubing used. Their coolant in most cases therefore remains hotter than what it should and travels slow. Many Closed loops ( Especially from Corsair ) are cheap because of reasons mentioned above. Custom loops are far better and the choice of pro overclockers ( Liquid Nitrogen for world record breakers though ) This is because of the much superior pumps ( most have the capacity to push water through multiple rads and waterblocks ) , better rads ( which keep the water cooler ) and far more better waterblocks , wider tubes and much more. However for the one who struggled during assembled a PC , Closed loops remain much better. They don't need refilling , priming , maintenance , etc. But for performance Custom loops is the way to go. That was until these two were mixed up by the Swiftech H220. This series had the ease of closed loops and power of custom loops ( almost ) ElMoIsEviL has a good choice there , the H220 is the best if you want to cool anything else too , or if you want the ease. I am sure the XSPC Raystorm or the Swiftech H220 are the best your money can buy. Just don't forget the thermal paste and choose a good one ( Antec Formula Nano 7 , Artic MX-4 are on the top of my list ) Also if you wan more performance , or if you find the temps high above expectations ( You probably should not ) Set a Push/Pull Configuration. That way , you will drop temps. I hope you choose something you will be happy with , in the end. Also consider the H60's and H80i's if you did not like my suggestion. And yeah kudos to bjaminnyc for asking what case you have ( since no one else did :p  )