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Hey so reccently ive been trying to fix a friends computer, he reports the BlueScreen shows memory_management. His computer was running slowly and he required a reformatt, uppon trying to reinstall windows his computer would allways bluescreen, aswell as browsing and playing games.

after testing both ram sticks indevidually with memtest86 and seeing no errors reported after a full 10 passes, i decided to move on and see if windows would then reinstall. this time windows did indeed fully reinstall, so i believed the issue to be fixed.

after a few hours windows bluescreened again with the exact same issue reported memory_management.

i decided to look at the DMP file with blue screen viewer, the two issues highlighted were ntoskrnl.exe+e19f3 and PCIIDEX.SYS+1ac1. unfortunately i have no clue what this means, so i cant do much with it at all.

could i request some assistance as to what those two crash adresses actually mean.

thank you very much in advance.

edit: ive tried to find an attachment option but i cant see any, surely your going to want to see the DMP file yourself, here is an uppit link, if it requires a change ill do so
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    from just a quick glance at this post i all i can see is that windows OS (NTkernal) is failing because of a PCI conflict.

    You may install the latest version of PCIIDEX.SYS by the hotfix mentioned from the following Microsoft KB article:

    Data corruption occurs when you write data to a partition on a disk through an IDE port or a SATA port that uses IDE emulation on a Windows Server 2008 R2-based or a Windows 7-based computer

  2. thanks for this information, it really does help solve this problem, my friend is currently asleep so i cant get in touch at the moment, i will surely pass this information on

    his PC only uses one pci slot, and thats for his graphics card. His card is the ati radeon hd 6950 with newest drivers installed, could that be an issue?

    id also like to point out his graphics card hasnt been touched since installation 6 months ago and is fairly dusty.
  3. removing a device never hurts when trouble shooting. use only one stick of ram and so forth.

    I am not sure if you are using something like this to view your dump files.

    If not you should try it out and read up a little, it is fairly self explanatory with a little bit of googles help for some terms.
  4. okay, so it turns out, because im new to this diagnostic stuff i thought on memtest86, test 10 / 10 was a full scan, i told my friend to run it again ( after finding out that is only 1 test indeed) and after many many hours had passed the test was FULLY complete to, SHOCKING results!

    (images of the memtest completed with both 4GB ram sticks installed)

    soo... i think its safe to say we may have found our problem!

    so i guess the next stop is to run seperate tests on the RAM sticks to determine if its indeed a busted RAM stick
    or both may be dodgy, i guess ill get to that ASAP!
  5. and remember to only test one slot on your motherboard at a time. You need to find a known good stick of ram so that you can eliminate your motherboard ram slots as an issue.
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