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I had my 4G SD card in my camera, had several hundred pictures on it, some downloaded and some not. I put the card into my HP mini and now the memory went down to hold a max of 7 pictures and all the old ones are not showing anymore. Please help. I downloaded a couple of programs to retrieve them, but they seem to want to scan my entire PC and not just the card. I am on a desktop computer now, with the USB connected to the camera (card inserted in Canon camera) trying to retrieve. I'm at a loss. These were pictures of my 4 kids, one being my newborn. :-( I don't have a clue what to do to get them back, if I even can.
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    Well! Don't worry! You could try to connect this SD card to another computer and try again.

    If the card could be read/write normally there, you'd better copy off all your saved data and forma this drive to see whether it could work well on your computer.

    If this card also gets the same problem, as lonewolf7 writes, data recovery software could be a good way to go.

    If you still have no idea, you could firstly choose a SD card data recovery freeware to take a chance:

    Important note: Do not save new data on this card before you begin to retrieve your pictures.
    Do not save retrieved pictures on this card.
    Do not forget to back up all your needed data in the future.
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