Gygabite Geforce 8800GT error code 43

As the title says.I was playing Aion when suddenly my screen was all messed up(dots, lines etc.)Rebooted and everything was ok.Tried to play Aion again and bam, messed up screen + blue screen (twice).Then after i rebooted again.. and everything went wrong.I tried to open the Invidia control panel and

"Nvidia Display settings are not available - You are not currently using a display driver attached to an Invidia GPU."

Then i went right click on "My Computer", then "managment" and after that i saw an exclamation mark on the "Display Adapters - Nvidia Geforce 8800 GT" and i saw the error code 43.I tried almost everything.Uninstalling drivers, instaling again, new drivers, old drivers, driver sweeper, uninstall tool and nothing worked.

I didnt try Uninstalling windows and installing it again and bios stuff.

My Configuration
Intel i3 540 3.07Gh
GPU: Gygabite Geforce 8800GT
Windows 7 64bit

Help me.
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  1. Possible the card is failing. Do you have another system you can test itin?
  2. Sounds similar to what my 8800GTX did as it died about three or four years ago. I baked it a few times to bring it back to life and stretched another year or so out of it, but don't really recommend that since it's just a band aid.
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    Code 43 and artifacts are a real give away that the card is failing pretty badly, it might be possible to fix it depending on what has failed. The original single slot version often runs hot and over time the solder joints go bad so a reflow might help. Beyond that it is time for an upgrade anyway, a cheap 7770 or a GTX650 will be enough.
  4. bignastyid said:
    Possible the card is failing. Do you have another system you can test itin?

    No, I don't.I will try reinstalling windows.If it doesnt work, new card.Thanks for the answers.By the way, you can still post solutions or offers for new card and etc.
  5. If nvidia you have to aim higher than a GT640 or you will be getting nowhere but a 7750 would be considered an upgrade. Give us a price range and budget that you have in mind so that we can make better advice.
  6. Maybe around 150-200$ ?Currency is different here.
  7. New card from ATI or baking in the oven solution...
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