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I have purchased Trident X 8gb RAM 2600 for my new build. I have the Intel 4670K CPU and the MSI Z87-G45 Gaming MB. I have run across a few posts that mention that the 1600mhz 1.5v memory is all the CPU will support. The memory I purchased is 1.65v 2600. Both the MSI and Intel shows to support 1.65v ram on their compatibility charts. My first question is will this RAM even work? My second question is if the RAM will work will I be able to utilize the 2600 speeds? My third and final question is will the 1.65v lend any additional overclocking potential.

Thanks in Advance!
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    YES it will work, In BOIS select the XMP profile of your sticks, It will run at max speeds only underload otherwise it runs slower automatically. XMP is a RAM OC @1.65v. Enjoy
  2. Yes, it will all work. If you got the ram for cheap, then i guess it is all good. Higher speed ram are mostly for benchmark eye candy, other than that, it does very minimal for other things.

    As for overclocking(guessing CPU and GPU?) No, it does not help much if not at all.
  3. Page 17 of the Haswell spec states only 1.5V (page 99 shows a 5% additional max for 1.575V). It will probably work, but it's running out of spec and may show deteriorating performance over time.
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