BSOD IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL ----only on startup from sleep----

I receive this BSOD ONLY when i start up from sleep.

There is a picture of the screen when it happens.

the most recent thing i installed was norton anti virus so im wondering if that might be the problem.

also my processor is overclocked and my memory is overclocked, but its too a Mhz that it was tested for.

thanks a lot everyone!
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    I get a error 404 on your link.

    If you have an SSD, make sure it has the latest firmware as some had issues not coming back from sleep.

    Depending on your system, if you use pll overvoltage in the bios it may cause issues with sleep as well.

    Quickest test is to drop to stock speeds and settings and see if it stops. If not, try to remove Norton and see what happens. If that fixes it, try your overclock again to ensure it stays gone.

    If it is Norton, contact them to see if they have a fix yet.
  2. sorry about the link, but i will try try that!
  3. well i ended up fixing it with some windows repair start up or something and it works for for now!
  4. also the little program thing it said at the bottom is HDAudBus.sys so i don't know what that is or how i fixed it
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