KVM security, bidirectional VGA DVI USB?

I haven't been able to find via Google or forum searches answers to some questions. Thanks for looking; I'll get right to it:
1 Laptop in dell docking station with KVM switch letting me use another PC with the peripherals and monitor... could what is displayed on monitor travel back to docked laptop?
2 in other words is VGA or DVI bidirectional in any manner?
3 What about the USB connection for the KVM to the two PCs. Could one PC spy on the data moving between the KVM switch and the second PC?

I hope this makes sense. Any insights would be greatly appreciated.

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    1. No, laptop screen will only display what the laptop shows. You can easily use RDP though to connect to the second computer.
    2. No, only to the extend that the monitor can tell the computer what it is capable of, it does not send any images back down to the computer.
    3. Not without some hacking of the usb connections and wiring up to a program that can read the USB electrical signals.
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