AMD a4 4000 along with nvdia geforce 9500gt

wil the above mentioned comination work?? i mean, then the system wil b working with radeon 7480d as well as nvidia 9500gt
am thinking of buying the a4 4000 cpu, and i have the 9500gt gpu from before. will i buy the apu ? or i will gor for athlon ii x2 270 cpu
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    I would recommend a quadcore CPU of some kind. If you were going with an APU, I would like at something like the A8-5500/5600k. If you were going to go with a CPU, why not look at something like the Phenom II X4 965 and a 970 series MB? That would make more sense than the Athlon II X2 270.

    Dual cores are not really enough for gaming anymore...they do ok, but they're starting to get overwhelmed by the newest generation of games.
  2. get an a8 apu at the very least and toss out that 9500gt of yours. you dont need it if you are running an a8 llano/trinity/richland as their igpu is better than the 9500gt in terms of performance per watt with the bonus of a lower tdp.
  3. to both, thanx in advance,
    my budget allowes me to chose in btween these two.
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