Telling 7970 and 7970 GHz edition apart

Hello everyone,

I'm about to buy a used XFX Radeon HD 7970 Double Dissipation Ghz Edition. The original owner of it went back to college and no longer has time to game, so he's selling his pc. I'm buying his graphics card.

I'm wondering how I can tell if it's actually a GHz Ed. card I'm receiving and not a non-GHz edition. Looked for a lot of pics and such but couldn't really find any clear difference (other than the GHz being 1mm longer..).

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  1. Plug it in and let gpu-z read it.
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    Should be a model number on the card somewhere... Just look it up.
  3. Unfortunately I can only plug it in and test it once I've already purchased it. If I find out then that it is a wrong card I'm out of luck already.
    Looking up the s/n seems the best bet then, thanks for that :)
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