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Hello, About A Year Ago I Built My First Pc. It Has Windows 7 In it and The OS Is Installed On A 500Gb HDD, I Was Wondering If I Buy A Another HDD or More Likley A SSD Will I Be Able To Re-Install Windows Or Do I Have To Buy Another Copy? I Bought A OEM Windows 7 Drive :P I Heard Something about That If A OS Installs As Long As You Use The Same Motherboard You Can Re-Install. (Idk If Its True :P)
It'll Be Great If Someone Can Clear THhs Up For Me Thanks,
-Linked ;)
PS - Ik About Backing Things Up :P, Also I Thought About Cloning The OS If Necessary But I Think A Fresh Install Would Be Better.
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  1. You can move your win-7 location like that. You are with in the sprit of the microsoft license terms. Create a back-up be forehand. Fresh install will reactivate no problem
  2. if it is a oem you will have to contact microsoft .
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    The oem license is associated with the motherboard, so such a change is fine.
    Even that restriction is not cast in stone.
    I strongly suggest that you consider a ssd. It will make everything you do feel so much quicker.
    Intel and Samsung offer free migration(clone) programs that will copy an image of your current hard drive to one of their ssd's.
    After that, you can use your 500gb hard drive for overflow. You do not necessarily need a 500gb ssd if you are using less space.
  4. Thanks!
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