How do I know what Tier my PSU is?

I've only just now learned that PSU's come in different "Tiers". Can someone help me? How do I identify what Tier my a certain PSU I am looking at is?

P.S. Here's some of the PSU's I've been looking at:

Are these PSU's good quality? All I'm going to be doing is playing Runescape and Planetside2; moderate gaming.
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  1. the top link is 500w @ 80+bronze
    the second 650w @ 80+

    the first is more efficient, the second is higher power, coolermaster isnt particularly great for PSU's, Corsair / seasonic are better brands.

    What is the system you intend to run with it? That will determine the size you need, efficiency is just a number to keep your powerbill happy.
  2. The first thing that needs to be done - you need to determine the wattage needed for your PSU. This is a handy calculator for finding that out:

    After you get the wattage needed, I usually get 10-20% more than what is recommended. If they say 400W, a 440-480W power supply should be considered.

    I always use Corsair, Seasonic or Antec in the builds I do - not to say that the others don't make good products, but with buying these brands, you are assured of getting quality in the PSU. Don't skimp here - this is what delivers power to your computer, and saving $10-20 on a PSU can create an issue where your entire investment is fried due to a poor power supply.
  3. Did you look in this list?

    The RS650-ACAAE3-US 650W model that you were looking at uses Seventeam as its OEM and that explains why it's in Tier 4.

    The RS500-ACAAB1-US model uses Enhance Electronics as its OEM and would be in Tier 3.
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    Here is the tier list

    Here is Johnny's lemon list

    and a link from there to his recommended.

    Here is a link on who makes the power supplies,2913-4.html

    Some of these are dated. I avoid CoolerMaster and Thermaltake. They make other computer parts well but not psu.

    Stick with Antec, Seasonic, and XFX. PC Power and Cooling is another. Enermax is good but they like multi rails which I avoid. Corsair has some really ggood supplies but you will find that XFX is usually cheaper and they are the same Seasonic made supplies. The CX is a budget series that is probably a Tier 2 or 3.
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