Do I need a more powerful power supply?

Heres my specs from newegg link(the computer I bought), Ive been getting errors that say my video card has stopped responding while playing videos in firefox but when I close the browser and restart it I'm good. I also have no problems running most games on high settings like the recent crysis borderlands 2 gw2 WoW bioshock. My drivers are updated with Catalyst so that shouldn't be the issue I think.

Any suggestions as to what you think could be the problem? And if you think its the power supply how many watts should I get?
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  1. Well, the link says that you have a HD7750 and a 300 w PSU, and according to AMD, ;you need at least a 400w PSU for a 7750:

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    Well, that supply is rather crappy, but you can read it's label on newegg.

    12v @ 13A and 12v @ 8A, so 156W and 96W, of course that is probably rated at 25C, so the instant it is turned on it is probably out of spec.

    7750 can't pull more then 75W, but your CPU is rated at 95W, plus the motherboard, drives, and fans. probably is very close to the maximum limit, and of course any added heat is going to make it worse.

    A new powersupply would be a wise option.
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