Blue Screen of Death When Playing BF3 - Physical Memory Dump

For the past week, when I play Battlefield 3, sometimes I would get the blue screen of death. The game would suddenly crash (I am unable to move my character and I would only hear a loud buzz in my headset). The screen would suddenly display a blue screen with words like 'error detected, dumping physical memory' along with some sort of counter which looks like its current progress. This blue screen would appear on my monitor for about 2 or 3 seconds, and then my computer would restart itself.

I built this computer half a year ago. I never had this issue until this past week when summer started. I have played other games, such as Starcraft 2 and Chivalry, but both of these games are not as intensive as Battlefield 3 and has not caused the blue screen of death. I want to note that I recently had an issue with Battlefield 3 where it was complaining that my DirectX was incompatible so I re-installed DirectX to repair that issue.

Over the past week, I have not installed or done anything new to my computer except install the game Metro Last Light and repair my DirectX.

I do not think this is an issue with over heating. My CPU is running at 50*C and my GPU is at 72*C under full gaming conditions.

i5-3570K - OCed to 4GHz
7970 - No OC
ASRock Z77 Extreme 4
Windows 7 Professional
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  1. You forgot to detail a very important component - the PSU, a poor quality PSU can cause strange issues as well as kill other components.
  2. satrow said:
    You forgot to detail a very important component - the PSU, a poor quality PSU can cause strange issues as well as kill other components.

    Sorry, I am using a Corsair TX750. I am pretty sure my psi should not be an issue here :)
  3. Well it sounds rather like a description of a 0x116/0x117 problem, can you go to the C:\Windows\Minidump folder and copy the *.dmp files to your Desktop then zip them and upload the resulting zip file to a publicly accessible site like Skydrive.

    Once you have done that, shut down the computer, open the side casing and carefully dust out the inside, paying close attention to the CPU cooler, graphics card fan(s), chipset and any VRM coolers. Also clean any case fans/vents/filters, etc.
  4. I dusted out my computer with a can of compressed air.

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    Even I have the same problem I recently migrated to SSD , all the drivers are up to date , system starts super fast everything goes well
    but when I play any game after few mins it hangs and get blue screen error and restarts.

    System spec

    i5- 750
    Asus Direct cu2 7870 - No OC
    8GB DDR3 RAM - 13334
    Windows 7 Professional
    Samsung pro SSD 256 GB
    crosair 650W
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