Is my pc specs are for high end gaming?

i want to know how long will my pc last and is it high end gaming pc. am i bottleneck anywhere?
Motherboard ASUS RAMPAGE 3 extreme
RAM:corsair 12 gb 2gbx6 1600 mhz triple channel
hard drive 1 tb western digital
processor:i7 930 2.8 gig 8mb cache
graphic card: sapphire 7950 vapor x oc boost
PSU NSPIRE 750 watt
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    That is a bad selection for a gaming PC. Old CPU, Old (and jesus thats expensive) motherboard. To go with it, while the RAM matches the motherboard etc, you need different RAM for the correct build.

    High end gaming is a haswell or ivy bridge "k" i5 / i7 with matching Mobo + 8gb of dual channel ram (minimum ram)

    A potential cpu cooler + SSD. Pretty much start over if your designing a gaming build.

    Preserve the class of GPU (either it or nvidia counterpart, potentially the next model up with money saved from the cpu + mobo change)
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