Having a Issue installing a Corsair H110 water cooler into a Rosewill Thor V2 Case

The problem is the 2 140mm fan's will fit but I i'm not able to get the radiator to fit due to the motherboard not allowing enough room. Anyone that has any idea(s) on how to remedy this issue I could use your feedback.
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  1. I think the only way is the case modding.
  2. I fixed the problem thanks
  3. Hass22 said:
    I fixed the problem thanks

    How did you get it to work? I have a Thor V2 also and am thinking about putting an h110 in it too.
  4. you have to first remove the 230 mm fan from the top of the case . Then you need to depending on size of heat sinks on m;otherboard use washers to shift the radiator slightly away from the motherboard . its not perfect but dont see any other option using 240 mm radiator CLC. theres a vid on youtube for it if im confusing you . just search h110 thor v2 and you will find it .
  5. Hass22 said:
    I fixed the problem thanks

    How? Just bought both of these items and like an idiot didn't research to see if they were compatible
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