Games doesnt utilize my GTX 650M but my Intel HD Graphics 4000

I was really dissapointed with the performance of my 650 until i realized that games were only recognizing the integrated graphics system.

I tried deactivating the integrated card but the game (Falcon 4.0 BMS 4.32) wouldnt load.
Even when i deactivate the integrated card, dxdiag doesnt show the dedicated card (650M)
Ive tried a variety of things and im hoping that asking would help
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    Just like my laptop, that has a 640m, you have to go into the nvidia settings and specify which EXE uses the internal GPU, or the "high powered nvidia GPU"

    I just set it to default on using the GT 640m for everything because I don't care about battery life, and that seems to work fine except for the random occasions where Steam, Skype, or even Google Chrome starts using the GPU to render instead... What a waste.
  2. It did increase my FPS by a substantial margin, but it still seems as though the game and DXDiag isnt recognizing the GTX 650M

    But thx anyway for making the game playable (and fraps-able if thats a word) :D
  3. Yeah, I wouldn't expect much with the GT 650m. I can barely get 60FPS on Farcry 3 with all low settings.

    Sure, it's pretty damn powerful, but you should not use a desktop benchmark of the desktop version of GTX 650 from a laptop card. <-- a mistake that took me a \long while to realize.
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