My laptops wifi switch is not working. How can I turn the wifi back on?

I have a Gateway M- 7351U laptop. The wifi keeps telling me that it is off even when I turn the external switch to the on position. I have tried using fn f2 but it has done nothing. A friend recommended manually trying to turn it on by going to the mobility center but when I did that the option for turning the wifi back on was greyed out so I could not select it. Please help!!
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    So nothing changes when you have the switch on and you use the Fn+F2 key combination. This might indicate there is a problem with the wireless card. If that is the case and you are not comfortable opening up your laptop to replace it then you might want to consider a wireless dongle like this one - (2 year warranty) or this one - (3 year warranty). There are more wireless USB adapter options and a search of Amazon or Newegg or TigerDirect will help you find one.
  2. Fn F2 @ the same time worked for me.. Thanks
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