msi 970A-G43 mobo with amd fx-8320?

Hi Tom's Hardware community,

I recently have been attemping my very first custom pc build and been have difficulty with the POST procedure. When doing the external build only the fans spin but there is no display on the mobo. I first thought this could be due to a few bent pins on the cpu and have sent in for a replacement. However, when looking at the motherboard manufacturer's compatible cpu list I see that although the AMD FX-8320 is listed the 8320 listed and the one I purchased have different cpu codes. The one I purchased is not specifically listed on the cpu compatibility list. Could this be why my build is having issues booting up? The cpu code for the one on MSI's list is FD8320FRW8KHK while mine is FD8320FRHKBOX. I would greatly appreciate any help and thank anyone for help in advance.

My CPU and Mobo:

AMD FX-8320 Eight-Core Processor Black Edition AM3+ FD8320FRHKBOX

MSI Computer Corp. Socket AM3+ AMD 970 DDR3 SATA3 and USB 3.0 A&GbE ATX Motherboard 970A-G43
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  1. No the CPU is compatible , that's not the issue.

    I would say it was the pins.
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    Model number: FX-8320
    CPU part numbers:
    FD8320FRW8KHK is an OEM/tray microprocessor
    FD8320FRHKBOX is a boxed microprocessor (includes heatsink/fan)
  3. Thanks Blackbird & Calvin7. That really clears that up. I suppose the next step is to test the new and hopefully non-defective processor in my mobo when it arrives. If I still get no bootup screen on my monitor then I'll definitely be back on tom's hardware
  4. Sounds great
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