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I have done many searches and it seems lots of people have this problem but I have not found a valid resolution so far. I have a Westinghouse LCM 22W3 monitor. Plug and play so I cannot find any drivers. My monitor is detected as an Acer AL1714. My max resolution is 1024x768. My monitors resolution should be able to get to 1680x1050. From my research it seems my monitors EDID is corrupt. Is there anything I can do to fix this? The weird part is that if I continuously unplug and plug my monitor (using VGA cable, normally i use HDMI to DVI), eventually it will reset and not be detected as and acer 1714, it will just say Monitor. At this point I can get 1680x1050 resolution. This can take 3 tries unplugging and plugging or it can take over a hundred. I have an i5-4670k with Intel HD Graphics 4600. I had this same problem on my previous computer but it had a Nvidia card and I was able to force a resolution of 1680x1050. I havent found a way to do this with HD 4600 graphics so far. Thanks for any help.
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  1. what is the list of supported mode for that the hd graphic give for this monitor ? did you check on your motherboard maker for the hd graphic driver .
  2. Yes I have the latest driver for HD Graphics 4600 but I am almost sure this is not a computer problem, it seems to be a monitor issue since I've had the same problem on two PC's. Both PC's detect the display as an Acer AL1714. The fact that after unplugging and plugging the VGA cable will eventually reset the monitor to 1680x1050 makes me think there might be something I can do to make it stay at 1680x1050. If I restart the computer I am back to being capped at 1280x1024.
  3. Thanks for the reply :) I went to that site and downloaded the driver and it said my driver was newer that that one but i downloaded it anyways. Didn' t solve the problem and the reboot put me back at 1024x768 resolution lol. But a few unplugs and replugs of the VGA cable got me back to 1680x1050 :D Would be nice if I didnt have to do this everytime I restart tho ha.
  4. do you have a way to made those settings as default in hte intel interface for the graphic same as you could in the other like ati or nvidia and what is the refresh rate of the screen in this setting panel .
  5. Looking at it now and its showing 59 Hz. Other option is 60 Hz. When it reverts to 1024x768 its at 60 Hz. I have tried the option to save profile when it is at 1680x1050, but when it reverts back to 1024x768 and I try to load the profile it says my monitor doesn't support that setting and my only other option is to change the profile to match the monitor.
  6. Also I have a Powercolor HD7870 Myst ordered that should arrive Monday. My last graphics card was a Nvidia card and I was able to force the resolution to 1680x1050. I hope I will be able to do the same with the AMD card and this will be a non-issue but I have never used an AMD card before.
  7. the 60 hertz value is good ,the hd 4600 is the onboard so before putting in the hd7870 driver make shure you have the nvidia driver all uninstall ,then whe the card will be in windows update should suggest you the driver to load if not got to ati link and select your card and the os use
  8. Thanks alot. I should have clarified though, the Nvidia card I used was in another PC. I just built this PC about a week ago so it has only used Intel HD graphics 4600.
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    so when you will have the new card install the ati driver for your os
  10. Will do. Thanks for the help.
  11. your welcome come back on the forum if you need more help there always be someone around .
  12. Installed my new card and got the latest drivers. Nvidia has an option to force a resolution. Apparently AMD does not. At this point it seems my only option is to buy a new monitor.
  13. check some viewsonic one they have that resolution support and the 1080 p also some of them have a 3 years warranty
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