Which do I need for this power adapter - a plug or voltage converter?

I hope this I'm asking this in the correct place!

I'm about to take my laptop on an extended trip from the USA to the UK. While there, will I need a voltage converter for the power adapter - or will it be safe to use a (much cheaper) plug converter?

The power adapter is a Lite-On PA-1900-24 and has the following details on its sticker:

INPUT: 100-240V ~ 50-60Ghz 1.5A

Huge thanks to anyone who can advise me about this.
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  1. It accepts a range of voltages and frequencies, so a plug converter will be fine.
  2. Your laptop will be safe, because the adapter can use in 100-240V. 220V is the "standard" power voltage in Europe.
  3. Yup, Europe is various voltages between 220V and 240V. Just get a cable that does it, or a travel adapter. Cable is a nicer solution though.
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