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Looking for tutorial installing SSD alongside HDD (+ other questions)

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July 1, 2013 8:44:29 PM

Hello everyone,

Recently, I purchased parts for a build (I havent put it together yet, though). From reading around, I decided to use both and SSD for boot (+some applications) and a HDD for everything else. I have the Samsung 840 120gb (SSD) and the WD Black 1tb (HDD), with Win. 8. However, I am going to need help setting the drives up (I am very new to building computers)

First of all, are there any good tutorials / videos explaining how to set up an SSD as a boot drive alongside a HDD?
Somewhere, I've read that it's a whole lot more complex to separate the AppData folder, etc. ... Would this be an issue?

Also, as a side note, does anyone know how long the particular SSD will last? I've read that SSD's have a rather short lifespan ( if they write data ). Would including things such as gamefile saves (which I would write to frequently) shorten the live of the SSD?

Best solution

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July 1, 2013 9:03:14 PM

It is fairly simple. Install your ssd in the first sata port (usually sata0) and I usually leave the HDD out. Install windows on the ssd and then install all the MB drivers. After your comp is up and running and everything checks out OK, install the HDD in the second port or any other port should work too. Then boot up and windows should see the HDD. You might need to create a new partition and/or format it first. But that's it.

Make sure your BIOS is set configured to AHCI before windows install.

The Samsung pro series is supposed to last longer than the non-pro series. Your ssd might last a month or it might last years. Good luck.
July 2, 2013 1:17:13 PM

Thanks for responding ... but, wow... it could really die that quickly ?

But, do you know if there's a way to put certain system files onto the HDD (such as AppData, etc.)? Or, do you know of any basic tutorials explaining it?