Looking for a Graphics card that supports three monitors, under $300.

I am currently using a GTX 560ti and I went out and bought three monitors expecting to run all of them at the same time, but obviously I didn't read up enough to realize my GPU only supports two at a time. I really only want to game on my middle display which is a 27" and use my other two as browsing and video watching...etc(not games). my entire display contains two 24" and a middle 27". 1 is HDMI and the two others are dvi. So the card im looking for needs to have atleast 1 hdmi and two dvi...etc. Can anyone tell me a card that would be the most effective as well as within the range of my price limit which is currently 300$. Thanks :)
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    You should be settled with a GTX760 at around 250$. It supports nvidia surround, so you won't need any additional adapter for your 3 monitors setup, unlike AMD cards that require displayport connector to set up multi-monitors.
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