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Hi thanks for taking a look here. I have never built a pc before and i understand what every piece of the computer is for and etc i'm not a total noob but i dont really know how to pick parts that will be compatible with each other. I would like to build something that will be able to run skyrim and elder scrolls online and diablo 3 on mid settings. is it possible to build something like this for around 200?
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  1. For $200, see if you can buy a 2nd hand Xbox360 or PS3.
    You really cant build a computer on that type of cash, and if you did you wouldn't like the performance you would get. I consider $400 minimum for a computer outright, with some exceptions like NAS' (excluding storage) or HTPC's and even then $400 is usually about right.
  2. I will sell you a fairly good xbox 360 for $99.99 with all my games and peripherals lol. But seriously, I will.
  3. I bought the computer i have now off of craigslist for 100 dollars and it runs guild wars and oblivion on max settings with no lag. im sure i could put something together for between 200-300 dollars. if i wanted a console i would get one.
  4. You may be able to buy a second-hand computer for $100 but the PC you have now will serve you better than any PC you could throw together for $200-$300. Perhaps you could upgrade the one you already have instead.
  5. What are the specs of your current machine? Your probably better of spensing $300 upgrading that instead of trying to build a new one outright, because you really cant build much on that kind of budget.
  6. sry bro at least 400$ for a build. save some money and build a decent rig :)
    if u need it badly, search for a 2nd hand pc.
  7. i burnt out the on board graphics card in that one but i might go that route. idk if its worth it though. im pretty sure the only parts in it worth salvaging are the hard drive and ram and maybe the case. might be better off buying another used one for cheap and upgrading from there then...
  8. thanks for the replies though guys good to know
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    yeah, get a used one(recommending) but check if this will do, it is not a good one but it at least work:
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