Asrock Z87 extreme6 Support CD and A-Tuning won't load.

I just recently put together an I7-4770k build with the Z87 Extreme 6 board and after getting windows installed I put the support cd in to install the drivers. The disc won't auto play and navigating to the setup exe in the drive I get the same problem. The only error I get is a small window with a red X in it nothing else. The disc loads fine on another computer of mine.

Not that big of a deal since I can download the drivers from their site but if its a problem with my windows install or something I would like to know now. Also the A-Tuning program that I installed from their site gives me the same error.

If anyone has heard of this or has an idea let me know (running windows 7 64bit and have it updated)
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  1. Haven't heard of that, might try resetting CMOS just as a possible (don't forget to reset date and time)
  2. You don't think this is a windows issue?
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    Might be, could go clean install and reinstall mobo drivers
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