mounted motherboard but power led does not light

I have bought a motherboard and I mounted it on my cpu case. I connected all the wires that is Power switch, Reset switch, hdd led but the problem is when connecting power led and ground. The power led wire is a single green wire and the ground wire is a single black wire. I tried connecting the power led but when I power my computer the power led does not light, should I connect the ground wire for it to light. Below is the link of my motherboard.Can anyone help me to connect the ground wire?
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    Try reversing the connection, if no joy, may be a bad led light
  2. Tradesman1 said:
    Try reversing the connection, if no joy, may be a bad led light

    hey trademan1 i have motherboard problem and the led green light won't glow - obviously pc does not work or turn on
    brought new PSU and connected it up and it would not allow teh green led to glow or fans to work on cpu or anything
  3. Have you tried reversing the case plug on the pins? ensured that it the correct two pins? All power connections snug, particularly the 24 Pin and the 4/8 Pin to the mobo?
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