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hi, i have an intel dh55pj mobo (lga 1156) mobo and my aunt gave me a 320 gb hard drive. my question is, can i set up 2 hard drive in that mobo? i have a 320gb hard drive and i am planning to add that 320 gb hd my aunt gave me
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    That motherboard has 4 SATA ports so you should have lots of room for that extra hard drive, no problem. The only thing you'll need is an SATA cable to connect the hard drive to your motherboard. Your power supply will already have extra connectors for powering it up.

    So all you'll need to do is look at how the current hard drive is installed in your computer, and copy it. There are 3 points to copy.

    1. Install the hard drive in an empty hard drive bay (beside the one already installed most likely).
    2. Plug the power cord from your power supply into the hard drive (it will be the same type of cable that is connected to your current hard drive
    3. Connect a "SATA" type cable from the hard drive to your motherboard. This is one cable that you may not already have, and may need to purchase in order to install that hard drive.

    edit: here is a good step by step, scroll down to the hard drive section:
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