Problem with connecting PC to TV by HDMI

I have a Asus EN9600gt graphic card with only 2 DVI ports. I use a DVI to HDMI adapter to connect my PC to my TV with a HDMI cable, and it does not work. I have test the adapter on my HDMI monitor, it is ok. My brother have a laptop (Nvidia 260M) with HDMI port, he can connect to my TV without any problem (the same HDMI cable). I have updated the display driver to the lastest from Nvidia. I am wondering why I cannot connect to my TV, everything just works fine.
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  1. What kind of "does not work". Are we talking simple black screen? Does the TV notice there is something connected? Dark gray backlight on screen, or black screen?
  2. What kind of TV is it? How old is it?
  3. My tv is sony bravia, about less than 1 year old. The tv show that nothing is connected (no signal) and either the pc do not recognize the tv.
  4. This may be an obvious question but have you gone into the Nvidia control panal and gone to set up multiple displays and activated the tv in the menu? My laptop will automatically send signal to TV but desktop has to be configured manually
  5. My computer do not detect my tv, in Nvidia control panel, in screen resolution, in device manger.
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