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SATA DVD drive to IDE cable issues

July 2, 2013 2:03:32 AM


I recently bought a SATA to IDE adaptor so I could hook up my SATA DVD drive to my motherboard which only has IDE connectors on it. When I plugged it in and put in a cd of windows XP (yes, yes I know I need to upgrade!), the bios seemed to detect the cd just fine and I installed all of windows XP. However, when windows XP booted up for the first time, it did detected the DVD drive, but it would not boot any cd's off of it. I would double click on the drive and it would just go to a blank page. Does anyone know why this is? Its strange that it would work when installing the OS, but no longer will work when the OS is installed.

I am not connecting anything else to the IDE cable except for this drive.
Any help will be much appreciated!
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