Im new to mac.....what should I know?

Hi I recently got a 2nd hand late 2006 macbook because I really wanted to see if the whole "once you go mac you never go back" thing was true and all. However this is my first time ever useing Os X (snow leopard) so I was wondering if someone could help me with basic commands, tools, tricks, things to avoid etc.... O and how much should I expect out of this model for that matter. Thx!
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  1. um what do you mean run?

    Thx for those guides u-gonna-squeal, and you are right about the min/max buttons being a tad confusing lol! And i was just going to use it for internet and typeing (what i think a laptop should be used for anyway) cuz it just a laptop and its nice and compact so gpu performance is kinda irreleivant to me in this case.
  2. An issue that I see often with my clients who are new to Mac OS:

    When you close a window quite often it doesn't actually close the program. At the bottom on the Dock, you will see little lights under the open programs. You have to click on the program name (when it is in the top bar) and select quit to actually close the program.
  3. ah thx....
  4. very helpful
  5. so what is the best way to manage files on this OS?
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