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Casual Laptop performance issus

July 2, 2013 3:26:08 AM


Until recently the Lenovo T410 laptop worked beautifully
For some time I have issues causing sudden slow down, shivering sound either when playing music from HD or listening to music online and caper picture when playing a movie

I have noticed that at least, in many cases at the same time it seems that the CPU usage jumps dramatically to 70 – 80 %.

It also happened once when I used uTorrent. As long as it was open the CPU usage was 80 %, but when I closed it dropped back down. The program usually works fluently until. But except to this event when I have notice the connection between uTorrent and CPU performance, I usually can not make a connection to something specific.

Also in most cases if I open Windows's task manager, to check the running process and their CPU & RAM usage, I don’t really see that the CPU is really working hard, as sometimes the most heavy process takes maybe 20% CPU (chrome, VS, etc) and all the other do not really sums up to 80%.
On the other hand and at the same time I use a widget on the desktop that shoes the CPU is somehow loaded.

In the meantime I scanned the machine for viruses and other stuff – nothing found.
Cleaned tmp files, registry, internet files etc. nothing changed.

Need some suggestion to better diagnose the problem.

The laptop has a dual core Intel I5 cpu and 8G ram, and installed with Win 7 x64 bit