Expanding Windows Files restarts computer after only 7%-10%

Windows 8 Pro 64 installation restarts computer while expanding windows files at around 7%-10% forcing me to start again and again. I've tried two new HDD's. I then tried installing Windows 7 64 with no problem. So again I tried Windows 8 64 on yet another new HDD but still the same. I also tried each of my DVD Rom drives. This is driving me nuts. Any ideas?
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  1. Have you tried installing windows 7 and then upgrade to windows 8?
  2. No, but I really only want a clean install with only Windows 8 64. Prior to attempting this, my computer was restarting on its own randomly. My event viewer showed a Kernel Error (critical) #41. I just assumed it was OS error related with Windows 7, hence a new drive and fresh install. Could the two be related? Might I have a hardware issue?
  3. Hi,
    you may try to run chkdsk to see if it is HDD related.
    If you don't care about the files on the HDD start from first step. If you haven't already deleted the files and try your luck start from the 6th step;
    1.Disconnect any other drive (HDD, SSD, External HDD) so only the one that you want to install the OS remains. (Usb or the optical drive you are using for installation should remain)
    2.Run Windows intallation cd or usb. When you come to the drive selection screen click "Drive Options (Advanced)" and "Delete" all partitions. (So only thing left will be "Drive 0 Unallocated Space")
    3.Click "New" then "Apply". A warning will pop-up click ok.
    4.Now you should have 2 entries;
    Drive 0 Partition 1 System Reserved
    Drive 0 Partition 2 Unallocated Space
    Format both of them.
    5. Now click the "x" button to close that window, which should say something like "are you sure, this would reboot"
    You will say ok.
    6. If the system reboot choose "repair" from first screen of the Windows 8 installation. If it didn't reboot it should have send you back to the first screen so you can choose the repair option from there.
    7. Find "Command Prompt" through the options I don't remember exact location but it was under "Advanced Options".
    "chkdsk c: /x /f /r" (This will scan the System Reserved not the one you will gonna install the os)
    "chkdsk d: /x /f /r" (This will scan the the one you will gonna install the os)
    after theese are complete go back to the first screen again and try to install the os as you would normally do.
    Hopefully it works.
  4. OK, wiped my new hard drive again with "Secure Erase" while on Windows 7 in a different drive (one drive has Windows 7 on it that i can boot to just fine).
    1)Powered down and unplugged all drives.
    2)Pulled CMOS battery for 2 hours and replaced with new battery.
    3) Reset clock in BIOs but left mostly at default
    4)Although MemTest showed no errors I put in four new sticks of Ram for total of 8Gb. All present in BIOS and Windows 7 after reboot
    4)Plugged in new drive which is now clean and like new
    5)Started computer and put new Windows 8 64 DVD, (second media disk since I thought first one was defective)
    6)Booted to DVD and entered key, no problem
    7)When gets to "Getting Files Ready For Installation", quits at anywhere from 3% to 52% and computer just restarts before completing.
    8) I have two ROM drives and tried from each of them but problem the same.

    I am at my wits end. Windows 7 64 runs just fine (Tried installing on the same drive that Windows 7 is on but same problem there). Somewhere there is an answer, Any ideas?

    Motherboard: Intel 975XBX
    Intel Processor 2.93GHz
    NVidia GEForce 8800GTX x 2
    Logitech Wireless Mouse & Keyboard
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