7970 Ghz Water cooling advice?

Hi, I was wondering if anybody knows if its possible to have two arctic vga water cooling blocks on two hd 7970 Ghz editions. The mobo is a z77, and i have the h100i already installed. For some reason i decided to buy the cm storm enforcer, but tbh its working just fine and holds the h100 i just fine. However, i know that the vga blocks are pretty big, especially the radiators, and im unsure if there is anyway that i could install the radiators to the case. I don't mind modifying the case a little if i have to, but i'd like to see if anybody knows or has any advice. TY in advanced :D.
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    In terms of out of the box compatability, I think your out of luck.
    If you remove the drive bays, you could maybe mount the two 120mm rads at the front of the case. Might have to get a bit creative with how they are mounted in place, as I dont think there is a 2x120mm bracket there, just a 200mm.

    For what your looking to achieve, you should really be looking into a custom loop.
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