need help choosing a motherboard

I have four motherboards that I can choose from, I'm on a limited budget so cheapest is best, but I need a good one too.
1. Intel S1200BTL Bear Tooth Server Motherboard - LGA 1155
2. Intel H61WW WoodWorth Motherboard - LGA 1155
3. Intel H67BL Bearup Lake Motherboard - LGA 1155
4. Biostar Intel TZ68K+ ATX Motherboard - LGA 1155
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  1. Motherboards come in different shapes and sizes, but luckily there are some standards set in place so that a lot of motherboards and cases can work together.

    For the most part these sizes apply to all desktop computers but some computers you buy from manufacturers don’t follow all the rules. This is usually fine when you buy the whole computer as a unit, but it becomes tricky if you want to swap a new motherboard into the case or build one from scratch
  2. which cpu you have ?
  3. ASHISH65 said:
    which cpu you have ?

     Intel i5 Quad Core 3330 Processor
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    i would reccommend this if you are on tight budget

  5. ASHISH65 said:
    i would reccommend this if you are on tight budget


    Thanks, seems great but the problem is that it would cost me more for shipping and customs so I'm looking for something inside South Africa
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