My computer randomly freezes occasionally ? What should I do ?

Soo, I got a new PC with an i5 and a Radeon 7950 and sometimes it just decides it wants to freeze. The monitor freezes, I hear a short bzzish sound and have to hard restart my computer . Any suggestions ?
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  1. What sort of power supply do you have?
  2. What I noticed too is that around 65% of my freezes are when I'm playing League of Legends. Don't know if that's useful information, but here.
  3. Could I get an answer please ? It's getting out of hand and I am getting really frustrated with this.
  4. Your PSU might be junk. OCZ PSus aren't know for quality and reliability.
  5. Hmm, I'll try getting another one in my system then and see what happens. I have a friend who has a computer store so it won't be hard to get and try .
  6. Had exact and I mean exact same problem with my previous setup , PII 965 and 2x 4870x2 in crossfire X. Cannot for the life of me remember what I did to cure it. Mine also happened whilst playing games on steam. Lemme think and get back.
  7. Is yr system stock or oc'd?
  8. Keep testing it under load, and if there is a buzz try identify where it's from, PSU's can buzz on their way out :lol:

    If it doesnt happen underload, say while browsing the internet it does it.. let us know
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