Having Multiple Connections Through A One Active Connection ISP

Currently I'm deployed in the middle east, the ISP we have access to only allows one active connection at a time. You have to sign in on the system you want to use, and if you want to use another, have to sign off then back on using the device you want connected. I have a router, cheap thing of ill repute, forget the name, but it allows me to login to my pc, and every other system uses the credentials and will have connectivity. The problem is that, more often then not, it will log off from the laptop, leaving me with no connectivity anywhere until i log back in.

So my request is this, what settings on a router, in general, may help with this issue? Also, are there any other solutions that may work out better? Being able to connect to my laptop, cell phone, and ps3 shouldn't be a pipe dream.

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  1. What do your local network guys say?
  2. wireless router sounds like something to think about.
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