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i just bought a used pc . its a I5 750 with a motherboard p7p55d deluxe . a G.skill ripjaws 4gb (2gb + 2gb) . with a hd 7870
every time i try to install wiindows . it installs normally , i even play some games with it . i turn it off and on back and it still works
but when i i turn it off more that an hour or 2 and turn it back on windows crashes and try de restore or repair . the repair goes loop and i have to reinstall windows again . firrst i taugh it was the hard drive , i changed it , same problem . then i taugh may be it was the rams so i tried to do a memtest . that's the results i have so far (2hours )

does it mean the problem comes from my rams ?
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    What set of sticks do you have, they may not be set up correctly, timings and/or voltages could be off causing errors
  2. i have g skill ripjaws timing : 7-7-7-24 1600mhz but when i set the right voltage and timing i get more problems . and i allways have to re install windows again .
  3. Are they running under XMP,? if not, try that and raise the DRAM voltage + 0.06
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