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Transfer Drivers from one PC to another

Long story short I cannot get the drivers from the manufacture website currently and just did a fresh install of windows on my SSD but still have my HDD has an external. Just wondering if I can transfer them safely some how?
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  1. You could potentially point your new build to the driver store on the old drive, if it has Windows. If you are talking about getting the drivers using your external drive, that is just going to the internet and downloading the appropriate setup files onto the drive and plugging it into the system that needs them installed.
  2. Sorry I'll try to be a little more specific. My old drive has all the drivers I need, I took that out of my laptop, made it into an external(it still has everything on it including windows for now) and put my new SSD into my laptop. I attempted to find the old CD that came with the laptop with no luck, went to the manufacture website and I cannot get them off currently.. So I was just looking for a way to somehow "copy" them from my old drive to my new if that makes sense.
    Don't know much about drivers...
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    Well, with your external drive you should be able to navigate to:

    And have it search in there for appropriate drivers.
  4. Thanks for your help! Can I just copy them all somehow? I'm not really sure how to go about doing this.
  5. Just have your current installation of Windows search for drivers in those folders, it should find and pick up the old ones. This will require you to go in device manager and manually install each driver.
  6. Okay great thanks!
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