0mb dedicated graphics ram????!!!!!

I have a Hp Pavilion DV6-6c75sa running windows 7 home premium 64 bit, intel core i3 processor and a radeon graphics card, I was recently on the can you run it website to see if my computers specs met the specifications for playing gta iv. When i did so the website told me did not have enough graphics card memory see pic below
But when i check my specs it shows that i do have dedicated graphics memory see pic below

PLZZ HELP!!!!!!!!!
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    As you can see the video card is green marked.Its just a software bug.Dont worry.
  2. so what do you recommed
  3. It is detecting your on-chip graphics which does not have dedicated memory.
  4. im a total noob when it comes to computers so any recommendations?
  5. Its a laptop, what's to recommend?
  6. so shall i get the game, will my laptop support the game
  7. Your processor just eeks in under minimum, and your dedicated video card is a 7470M, which is quite low end. But you do meet the minimum specs there. GTA 4 requires a lot of computer horsepower to run, I doubt you will have an enjoyable experience.
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