Lenovo Y500 GT 750M SLI - Disable SLI on Battery?


I was wondering if there's a way to disable the SLI on my laptop automatically, by means of some program or BIOS setting. I would just like to see if this is possible, without creating too much of a hassle, just so I can get a bit more out of my battery life.

Also, on another note, is it possible to set the laptop to charge up to 80-90%, then stop? I've heard this could be done, and I know the Y500 has its own proprietary software that can stop it at 60%, but it doesn't seem feasible to me. I would need to switch the profile to something else to charge it higher than 60%, and when I do it messes with the SLI (brings about microstuttering). If I want to fix the SLI I need to disable it then turn it back on every time I do this.

These two issues aren't entirely distressing, but if there exist any solutions, then by all means let me know!
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  1. there will be an option in nvidia control panel to disable SLI
  2. Sorry, I'm aware of that option. I just wanted to know if there was a more automated choice out there. If not, does anyone recommend a good program for controlling the battery charge level?
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