?? How important is MEMORY CLOCK ??

Hey guys!

1. How important is Memory Clock?

2. How does it affect a card?

3. Do you get performance boosts with more Memory Clock?

4. What kind of difference make 1 Ghz?

Thank you all in advance for answers and opinions!

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    the memory clock combined with the memory interface determined the bandwidth available to a gpu. when talking about boost did you talk about overclocking the memory clock? overclocking the memory will not improve the performance much unless the card was bandwidth starve
  2. Hey renz

    I pretty much know that.

    Im more interested in how much a 4Ghz a 5Ghz or a 6Ghz card differ from one another.
    Im not talking about overclocking.

    Just interested how a loss of say 1 Ghz plays out.

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