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I just bought an i5-4670k and bought a Corsair H60 to keep it cool. So far, I am having some issues. The H60 fan is in a push configuration at the top of the back of the case. I have 2 200mm fans pulling in air (1 in the front, 1 on the side panel), I have one 120mm fan pulling in air form the bottom of the case, and I have one 200mm exhaust at the top of the case. The H60 fan is connected to the CPU fan on the motherboard, and the pump is connected directly to my power supply.
When idle, the processor reads about 33 degrees celsius. However, as soon as even the smallest load is applied, it jumps up to 50+ degrees and the fan starts to rev. Even from just installing a video card driver, my CPU temps are at 70 degrees Celsius. And the fan sounds like a jet taking off. The fan is constantly changing speeds and is very annoying. It maxes out at 2000RPM. I changed some BIOS settings to limit fan speed, but the CPU still hits 70 degrees after very little load.
Are these temperatures unreasonable? Has anyone had the same issues? When I installed the pump, it kind of slid around a few millimeters until I got all 4 screws in place. Should I put new thermal paste on the pump to see if that changes anything? Is there a different way to physically orient the fan, or change BIOS settings? I know that the H60 is not the best product around, but it would seem that it should do a better job than this.
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    I would re apply thermal paste and make sure it makes good contact, when it slides it can make air bubbles, etc. If it wasnt the paste then there could be debris in the way or the screws are not tightened all the way down
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