Msi 770 Gtx Twin Frozr. Max boost only 1136mhz.

I am worried , why my card is boosting max 1136mhz . No matter what temps i have. Like 68C or 75+C i get the same boost 1136mhz. With fan like 44-48% and 1350 RPM.
I know 8 ( examples ) peoples with the same card, and they had the same stock boost on 770 Twin F - 1162mhz. ( without using Msi Gaming app )

I am only had 1136mhz. Maybe something wrong is? I tried drivers 320.08 and 320.49 .

Here are temps:
When i hit 78C on Crysis 3 i have :67 TDP
When 71C on BF3 i have : 57 TDP

Here is:

Max boost 1162mhz max. I have 1136mhz.

Anyone else have any ideas on why my card seems to be the only GTX 770 out there that only boost to its set speed? I know technically, this is how it is supposed to work, but it just seems like my card has no ambition to go higher like all the others out there.

Now every single person I have talked to with a GTX 770 Twin Frozr has showed that during gaming or benching that their card will boost over the set default boost speed. All users I have talked to with a Twin Frozr card said, at stock clocks, their card actaully boosted over the default boost speed to 1163 Mhz during a run through of the Heaven benchmark or any games. This is without changing any settings in Afterburner and leaving all OC options at default.
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  1. Did you seethe part in all the reviews where it says something like:
    Important: Each GPU (including each GPU of the same make and model) will overclock slightly
    differently based on random production variances. This table just serves to provide a list of typical
    overclocks for similar cards, determined during TPU review.
  2. Ok i understand, but....

    I know 8+ ( examples ) peoples with the same card, and they had the same boost on 770 TF - 1162mhz.

    I am only had 1136mhz.
  3. I want just to know:) Why sometimes downclock to 1123 mhz with temp 79C , and sometimes are boost 1136mhz with 81C temp?
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