Will and amd athlon II x4 645 @3.0 GHz bottleneck a gtx 560 ti ?

Hello I'm wondering if this processor would bottleneck a gtx 560 ti , I am planning to replace my amd athlon 64 x2 4000+ with the x4 645 for battlefield 3 / 4 maybe even arma 3 .
Resolution : 1360x768
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    it probably will, an athlon II x4 645 is an odd choice for gaming, same price as an fx 4100 so most people take that.
    I can tell for sure it will bottleneck Arma 3 because Arma 3 is very bad optimized and eat´s most CPU´s.
    i would go for an fx 4100/4300, unless your mobo isn´t supporting that ofcourse
  2. thanks , I'll save up money a lil bit more and go for an amd phenom II x4 945 (the best processor that is supported by my mobo)
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