My internet speed is under 300mbps, so should i not get a 300mbps wirless adapter and get a 15mbps wireless adapter?????

I will appreciate all answers, thanks :)

ps, yeah my internet is so crap because where I live :(
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  1. I meant 150mbps!!!!
  2. it shouldnt make any difference unless your line speed is close to maxing the lower 1 out. which is unlikely
  3. 1. What is the advertised speed you're paying for?

    2. Yes, get the fastest router you can afford. But...that is only a theoretical speed, especially wireless. Many factors can impact that speed.

    A faster router will only talk to the outside world at whatever speed your ISP gives you. But inside your network, talking to another PC on the same router, you may begin to approach that 300Mbps.
    If both devices are wired, you may begin to approach 1000Mbps between the two.
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    The slowest thing you would be able to buy now would most likely be "54 megabit".

    One thing to keep in mind about wireless is that in order to avoid packet collisions(2 devices talking at the same time over the same medium, in this case wireless) about half of the bandwidth is use for collision avoidance.

    If you use your network for anything else like transferring files from system to system, you will like the extra speed of a faster wireless card.

    Also note that some of the wireless routers are dual band so if the laptop/desktop pc has this feature, it can improve consistency of your connection as well(many things can interfere with the standard 2.4ghz frequency).
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