Good for arma 2 (dayz also)? Worth getting?

I currently have a GTX GT 620 a Intel Core 2 Quad CPU Q6600 2.4GHZ and 4 GB of RAM. Will a GTX 460 And a i7 3770k proccessor be good to run with no lag in dayz? I don't get lag in dayz often with my current pc, but it does come and go and when it does it is barely 2 FPS. I need alot of restarts also. Also what power supply would I need? And how much for the power supply and the i7 3770k (U.S. Dollars and need a direct link to site if you can)
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    well, it seems like you have a few things backwards. your current system is a gt 620 with a core 2 quad... I would pair the gtx460 with the core 2 quad and put the gt 620 with the i7 3770k. the gt 620 is not that great of a video card to be honest, its ddr3 (instead of ddr5) and it has less cores than the 3770k's onboard graphics. if you are worried about power supply, a gtx 460 requires a PSU with 450 watts. also, is the 3770k system already built? or are you looking to just pop a 3770k into your current system? if that's the case, you cannot do that. the Core 2 Quad and I7 3770K are two different motherboard sockets entirely.
  2. GTX 460 is like 3 generations old, something from the 600/700 series at a similar price point will outperform it, and get the i5 3570k not the i7 3770k
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