DIfferent brands of RAM but same specs in the same PC System?

I have a crucial 4GB RAM and i am planning to get another 4GB stick to upgrade to 8GB, i saw another 4GB stick of RAM that had identical same specs but from a different brand, here are the links for the RAM in question:

Can i have the Integral RAM in conjunction with my Crucial RAM?
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  1. Can try, any time you mix sticks, it can be problematic, generally with sticks below 1600 (like yours) if they don't want to play nice, they can be adjusted with the voltage setting , if any problems give me a shout
  2. It may work, but you could run into issues. Other than the cost, why not buy another identical Crucial module?
  3. Yes you can mix brands.
    I myself use 1x 2GB Kingston 1333MHz and 1x 4GB Transcend 1600MHz.
    But I still suggest that you stick to the same brands and same speeds.
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    Yes you CAN, but I know I spend a lot of time both here at Tom's and in particular at the GSkill forums helping people who have listened to others say 'yeah it's no problem to mix' because they did it once or twice and it worked (and often not in an optimal config), try and get things working, I'd guesstimate at least twice a day or more
  5. I will pay a little bit more to get this: £19.20 for Crucial BLT4G3D1608DT1TX0CEU 4GB Ballistix Tactical Memory.

    When you mix the RAM sometime they work and sometime do not work together. If you buy the good brand RAM you have better chance. I never use the INTEGRAL brand, and I don't know how good it is. But I know Crucial is good brand.
  6. Let us know how it goes, and if problems, as I mentioned give me a shout, can normally adjust things with voltages to get them to play
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