9600GT - to upgrade, or not to upgrade?

Hi everyone,

I am seeking help with a build of mine. Recently, I have purchased a new motherboard (the H61M-2SPV made by Gigabyte) together with Intel Core i3-2120 APU, some RAM, HDD etc.
After a while, I found out that for my purposes (movie editing in Adobe Premiere, movie reencoding, occasional gaming, 3D rendering in Cinema 3D, DTP in InDesign), I need "better" GPU, or to be more specific, that I need discreete GPU. Luckily for me, I inherited perfectly working 9600GT from my GF's brother that I've been using for a few weeks.
However, I know that this GPU is somewhat older, and may not be exactly suited for modern day work. Since I will be adding more RAM to the rig anyway, I was wondering if someone can recommend me a GPU with silent cooler and in reasonable ($200 tops, since I will be using this in university campus and all kind of incidents can happen there) pricing. Because I quickly got used to PhysX in games, nVidia card will be preffered.
Or do you think that the 9600 is still a good card? I don't really do a lot of gaming, however for the rendering and graphic/media work, having suitable GPU can mean an hour or two difference, or so I was told.
PSU is brand new CoreXstream 500W from OCZ, but the motherboard has one PCIe slot, so multi-gpu is a no-go.

Thank you in advance.
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  1. definately upgrade the 9600. if you are encoding videos and want a performance card for cheap go with the GTX 760. They start at $250 but will perform better for gaming and rendering than anything else at the price point.
  2. ikaz said:
    I would go for the 650 ti boost its under $200 and while you won't find a silent cooler you will find some silent cards.,6.html

    I would have to disagree. the lower memory bandwidth o the 650ti boost (192bits) would bog rendering operations tremendously compared to the 256bit bandwidth of the 760. for $50 more you really cant beat it.
  3. I wasn't saying that the 760 wasn't worth the $250 , but he was asking for a $200 card and that TOP of his budget. His other choice was using an old 9600 so if he has the money for a 650 ti boost or 9600GT (since he doesn't have the money for a 760) then the 650 is still a way better option.
  4. Actually, the reason for the budget is simple - I can register my computer to university campus insurance program for free, yet the top amount they can register is $500, so coupled with other parts and the monitor, I really can't go further than this, or I would have to use only the case with no display.
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    Well either way if you top out at a 650 ti boost or a GTX 660 both can be had for under $200 (the 660 is about $200 but you can find sales).
  6. So I found out that the local store lists GTX650 Superclocked edition from EVGA for quite reasonale amount (about $130). The core clocks at 1202MHz, equipped with 1GB GDDR5@5GHz.
    Is it worthy upgrade? The price looks great due to the insurance limit and I think that since it's OC'd edition, it might be more powerful than the standard solution, however, I have no personal experience with pre-OC'd cards, so I'd like to have some opinion...

    The EVGA GTX650 Ti superclocked from the same vendor is about $160 so not that much of a change.
    And most of GTX660 sells for the very top of my insurable budget.

    So it's basically between those options, I think.
  7. Yes at $130 thats a very nice card, even though you don't game it should be able to also hand games at 1080p med-high setting. Also it has 768 cuda cores vs 64 cores on the 9600Gt so that quite a difference.
  8. ikaz said:
    Yes at $130 thats a very nice card, even though you don't game it should be able to also hand games at 1080p med-high setting. Also it has 768 cuda cores vs 64 cores on the 9600Gt so that quite a difference.

    Thank you very much. I think I'll go for it once I will finish everything out then. By the way, I do play games, but my screen is just 1680*1050 and the games I play the most are just some RPG's (love BioWare games, like Dragon Age: Origins; Dragon Age 2; Mass Effect 1/2/3; Knights of Amalur, etc.) so nothing that would be graphically demanding. Or to be more precise - nothing where the graphics will be core element.
  9. AH well for those games at 1680*1050 you should be able to max them out, heck even new games coming out this year at that rez you should be able to run them at High settings.
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