Washer size for motherboard standoffs?

What size washers do i need? I'm thinking about buying a Fractal Design Define XL R2 case. One of the big complaints with this case is I guess sometimes they ship with standoffs that are to short? So when I order it I figure I'll want some washers just in case but don't know what the inside diameter needs to be and don't have a caliper anymore that I could measure the threads with. Even if I don't need the washers this wouldn't be a bad thing to know anyway.
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    Most motherboard standoffs accept a 6-32 thread size. The finer thread screws in most computer assembly kits are M3 metric screws.

    6-32 hole ~3mm, and an outside diameter of ~5.5mm or 7/32 of an inch.
  2. Yea I don't know why I didn't do this but I can just take one to the hardware store and play with all the washers.
    And what you said, thank you sir.
  3. Be very careful that the OD of the washers don't short any circuitry on the board.
  4. Hopefully ACE will have metric washers at all, I'm hoping for cardboard or rubber, but since the standoffs themselves don't conduct electricity the standard zinc coated steel washers should work fine.
  5. Don't really need any washers ;) Very few mobos or cases come with them because they aren't needed
  6. Apparently for this case many people do because they pack standoffs that are too short.
  7. Did some more research, I was actually wrong about the conductivity of the washers. It seems that boards these days use the case as a ground so I guess you actually need to use conductive washers. I read that people on these forums have used metal washers before with other cases when they're GPU's and pci cards won't seat all the way.
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