Computer problem, won't boot fans turn off and on every second when PSU is on. VIDEO INCLUDED

Well the title kind of states the problem, I built this computer about a week ago. I had some issues booting but after reinstalling some of the key components it booted normally and I didn't have any issues since then. However last night after booting down the computer it didn't fully turn off, instead all the leds (besides those on the motherboard) and all the fans began to surge, they would spin for one second, stop, and then restart (this time only spans 3 seconds) and this process keeps going. I opened up the case and noticed that the PSU fan barely moves and then stops, so my first concern would be the PSU, but my expireince with computer components isnt all that vast so it could easily be another issues.

Computer doesnt boot, instead all the leds and fans surge for one second (turn on and spin for 1 second, turn off for 1 second, then it repeats.

Thanks for any sort of help!

System specs: i7 4770k haswell (stock clock)
212 evo cooler
z87 asrock extreme4
cx750 psu
gtx 770 gpu

Here is a video of the problem:
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  1. Just added a video to better clarify the problem that I am having.
  2. did you ever figure it out? Im having the same problem
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